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Create an avatar inspired LED garden...

You may have a huge splendid garden, or you may have a small petite one. Whatever size your outdoor living space may be, you can most definitely transform it in to something otherworldly.

Sometimes it is refreshing to go for something a little off the wall, or something which your children/grandchildren will love and with Avatar been the biggest grossing movie of all time, it's safe to say taking some ideas from it will draw people in!

If you have seen Avatar you will know exactly why we have picked it to be the theme of your amazing LED garden, with its bright lights and neon colours what's not to love?

Floral Plant Lights

Avatar screams crazy colour, it's almost like a neon disco so you can't hold back when creating your Avatar back yard metropolis. Floral plant lights are a great place to start, use them in abundance and place them in as many areas of your garden as you can. This will immediately brighten it up giving it that surreal, glow like effect you see in Avatar.


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Create a magical midnight scene with glow in the dark paint

Glow in the dark paint is a must if you would like to go all the way with creating your Avatar garden! Can the kids help with creating a fantasy type wall mural or transform your boring garden fence into a mystical and magical scene at night? It will be a fun project and will look incredible at night.

(P.S. we don't sell glow in the dark paint at the moment, but will soon!)



Jellyfish type creations

If you have seen avatar you will have noticed that there are plentiful mystical and magical creatures floating around in the air displaying their gorgeous, bright neon colours.

The jellyfish type look is popular and will look incredible in your garden giving it that otherworldly feel. Its long tentacles will flow in the find adding movement to your garden. If you're up for it, you can even make one yourself.

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Walkways, LED string lights and draping vines

To really set the scene in your Avatar inspired garden, can you create an illuminated path way or a wooden bridge? Using LED string lights or fairy lights is a fantastic way to make your garden pop and give it that magical feel. Decorate your trees with clear or blue LED fairy lights to really give it another dimension of feeling and atmosphere and dangle them from your plants to look like glowing draping vines.

Have you seen anything more mesmerizing and more beautiful than the Avatar forest? We haven't. It’s a gorgeous tranquil magical landscape of glowing colours and fairy tale ideals. Why not take a piece of the Avatar fantasy and incorporate it into your outdoor space? Don’t be afraid to go all out and remember the main colours are blue, purple and green. Let your imagination run wild and your creative juices flow! You will be the envy of all your neighbors!

Glow in the dark flowers

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2 thoughts on “Create an avatar inspired LED garden...”

  • Shelly

    Saw your site advertising avatar style solar lightening,, a lot of write up about these products but where are they on your site?? Interested but can't find them listed to buy under you menu products

    • pkgreen

      Hey Shelly,

      That blog post was just some cool ideas you can do with LED lights.

      From the post, we do sell the floral lights and fairy lights.

      Using those and perhaps some other accessories, you could definitely recreate some of the ideas in the post.

      However you're right, we don't sell glow in the dark paint yet, and we would love to get our hands on some jellyfish lights!

      Have an amazing day :)


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