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Wedding Decoration

  • Four fabulous fairy light creations

    At PK Green we are always on the hunt for fabulous ways you can use our products. We simply adore being inventive and love to help you really showcase your new purchases of LED lights, after all the possibilities really are endless.

    In this post we are getting inventive with fairy lights, and believe it or not there are so many looks you can create with them it was hard to narrow it down! From a romantic feel to the boudoir to a fun feeling in the garden we have a little something for everyone to try.
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  • How You Can Create The Perfect Winter Wedding Using LED Lighting

    Winter weddings are often a stunning combination of glistening white snow and beautifully decadent fur lined dresses.

    However, the issue of lighting up the evening reception can cause unnecessary stress for both the bride and the groom. The following suggestions will undoubtedly light up your wedding day, not only providing practical solutions, but also adding an extra sparkle of magic to your big day.

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  • 5 Beautiful Uses for LED Lights to Brighten Your Big Day

    LED lighting can be used to put decorate anything from your home to the garden. They are used to improve the atmosphere, add a subtle layer of beauty and create stunning visual treats. However, it isn’t just in the sitting room that they can make a big difference. One of the best places to get the most out of LED lighting is at a wedding, and here is why.

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