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Getting the Garden Summer Ready

When you think of summer, what first pops into mind? The hot sun, seaside weekends, the ice-cream van?

For us it’s the perfect time to get into the summer garden and explore the options of transforming the outdoors into a place of its own.

Gardening leads to a healthy way of life, getting your creative thinking flowing and keeping fit.

First Time Gardening

If you’re just a beginner in the gardening department, we have just the ticket.

Our ‘grow your own’ plant kits are great for first time gardening and little hands that love to get down in dirt.
The seeding kits are a simple plant pot. Choose from 4 colours in a shape of a Wellington boot or a watering can. Just give the pot some water and love and you should see the chosen flower start to sprout. Introduce these decorative plant pots into your garden or let them adorn your windowsills, where they can add a dash of colour and still get enough sunlight.


Grow Your Own Boot Plant Pot and Seed Kit - Snapdragon

Step by Step Decorating

Edge work and flower patches are the must-have to make your summer garden stand out from the rest. Have fun deciding on all the different plants and flowers you want to line around your garden, while giving an enlarging effect.

Our decorative stepping stones can create a pathway design to dot all around your lawn. Give a bit of embellishment under arches, by doorways and around ponds with the fancy stepping stones.

The delicate stone work is for decorative purposes only and we would not advise standing on the stones.



Fountain Features

If your hands are greener than grass, it’s time to step your garden up a notch with water fountains.
Give your ponds and pools a regal look with a flowing fountain in the middle. They create an interesting feature that just can’t be replicated.
The solar powered fountains are the ideal option with the summer sun, for an instant stream of water. There are low voltage mains powered fountains available to produce an all year round feature. Or choose the backup battery to guarantee working time in the shining sun.
Incorporate the water pump into ponds, waterfalls and ornamental fountains to really impress your guests. The barrel fountain adds a professional, vintage styled feature that can be set up in a matter of minutes.

Solar Fountain Kits & Pond Pumps

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