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New Year LED Mood Light Lamps - Keeping up the positive mood

Twelfth Night of Mood Lights



In addition to being the title of a Shakespeare play, there’s also a little confusion on when to take down our lovely Christmas decorations. January 5th marks the actual twelfth night; whilst the 6th marks Epiphany, the biblically recorded date Jesus was baptised.

Whichever date you allude to, it is considered unlucky to keep them up after this date. (Someone should tell the household in Rushall Walsall opposite McDonald's, who keep theirs lit all year).

When you’ve bagged and boxed all your fairy lights and tinsel, doesn’t the house look bare?

If you weren’t lucky enough to be a recipient of a nice gently glowing mood light for Christmas, then maybe we can help.

We reckon that the months of January and February are the dreariest in the whole year. Just look around the garden, everything’s damp and grey. (Unless you’ve got a few snowdrops and crocus poking their little heads up through the murk.)

The days are still long, it’s cold and damp and there’s very little to cheer us up.

Our mood light lamps are so called because they affect the mood, positively we mean.


Small Mood Light

We’ve little lamps powered by batteries in a variety of shapes: eggs, stars, cubes. You can have them changing colour or with a little button on the bottom, fix them in a favourite colour.


9cm Battery Powered LED Heart Mood Light10cm Mood Cube Light AAA Batteries


Table Night Lamps

As you move through the range, you will find yourself amongst the rechargeable lamps which sit on a base and when fully charged, can be placed anywhere. Some are remote controlled where not only can you switch them on and off, but make variations in the colour changing sequence or again, fix a colour you like.

19cm Rechargeable Egg Mood LampRechargeable Dolphin Lamp with Remote


Outdoor LED Lights

Some of these lamps are suitable for outside use too and some that can even float on water. Add a magical lighting effect cast by these magical mood elevators.

30cm Indoor Event LED Mood Ball LightLED Xmas Tree Rechargeable Mood Lamps Set of 4 with Remote 26cm height

No matter which day you choose as the one to put the decorations away, you could do worse than replace them with a mood lamp or two. Our lamps suit all tastes in decor and even nicer still, all pockets especially with free UK delivery.

Hope your Christmas and New Year was joyous, peaceful and fun.  Ours certainly was and we’re champing at the bit to present new and exciting ideas for 2017.

Roll on spring, only a couple of months away.

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