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  • LED Ceremony Lights Around the World

    Our extension range of LED lights may have you wondering, which light would be best for me? Nowadays, not every venue will allow you use real candles within the premise due to hazard and risks. Why not compromise with a little LED to bring the basking glow of flames in an endless flickering light. It saves waxy messes and allows peace of mind with children and pets.

    Candles are most prominently used in light ceremonies, using the light to represent another, differentiating between ceremonial events.

    Here’s top 6 events that use candles and light within the service and which can continue on, using brand new LED lighting for safer events.

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  • New Year Motivation and Gift Guide

    New Year, New Me.
    Are you waiting for the list of new ambition to be reeled off, full well knowing a good 70% won’t be achieved?
    We’re here to help boost your esteem and get those goals completed! It’s nearly New Year and we have a helpful inspiration and buy guide right here to give a helping hand.

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  • Get Christmas Ready with PK Green Festive Products

    Are you all ready for Christmas ?

    We’ll let you into a secret, not all of the PK Greeners are. Some haven’t even got their tree up yet, but they do have an excuse.  Packing up all those lovely items you’ll be wrapping and putting under the Christmas tree. (Provided you have yours up)

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  • Upcoming Christmas ideas to get you ready!

    It’s December, don’t panic

    PK Green Christmas

    Three weeks to the big day. Hopefully you’ve found all the Christmas decorations, untangled and tested the lights and they all work.

    If they don’t, then you’re reading the right blog.

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  • PK Green Christmas - All about Advent

    All about Advent.

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  • Christmas LED Lights Decoration Guide

    What’s that rustling up above ? Well, it’s a bit too early for the sound of Santa’s reindeer up on the roof, so it’s probably dad up the loft trying to find the Christmas lights and trimmings. If only he knew the very best in quality LED Christmas lighting and decorations was a mouse click away downstairs in the warm with a nice drink of something or other at his side. Maybe someone will leave this blog in full view and dad will give up trying to get those old lights working or untangled even.

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  • Black Friday Survival Guide - 8 Steps

    Black Friday is just around the bend! We too are sucked up in the manic buying rush to get the best offer for everything. Britain has been lost to the American bargain, making it one of the most anticipated dates of the yearly calendar. It's time to stick to our shopping list and take time to spend wisely. Follow through the 8 steps of the Black Friday Survival Guide to endure the apocalyptic black Friday and see if you can make it through.


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  • Christmas home decorations to get into the holiday spirit

    The time of year comes again which half of us dread and half of us just can't wait. Putting up the Christmas tree.  If you can't just wait to have your home adorned in the festive feeling with a big fir tree then why not start small?
    These festive Christmas decorations will be great for a gradual dressing of your home that will ease us into the busy Christmas holiday.



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  • Candle Buying Guide For Home and Events

    We've all been there, you're looking around the shops and you come across the candle aisle. With hundreds to choose from, all variegating in colour, size and feature, it's a wonder you'll ever pick just one.

    With this handy-dandy candle buying guide, we'll showcase the FULL collection of candles, so you know what we supply. Not only can you see the whole range at a glance but it'll help you decide which candles suit where. Need party lights? Want to brighten up a water feature? How to add more romance? We've got you covered. So sit back, relax and join us on a tour of real flame and flameless battery LED candle buying guide.


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  • Bonfire Night Party Mood Light Ideas

    Bonfire Night is up and coming! So as we stock up fireworks, sparkles and hot drinks for all your party guests just remember, remember the 5th of November

    Gunpowder treason and plot…

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