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  • 8 Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know About Wimbledon

    WimbledonHere’s a few things you probably didn’t know about Wimbledon:

    1. During Wimbledon fortnight, the grass is cut to 8mm in length exactly. How’s that for precision.
    2. The first Wimbledon championship took place in 1877
    3. All players must dress entirely in white. In 2013, Roger Federer was told to switch his tennis shoes because they had orange soles. Continue reading
  • Strawberries and cream on centre court, it’s that time of year again.

    You really know when summer is in full swing, because Wimbledon’s on telly.

    We’ll be tuned into it between packing up orders for our customers, so we’ll at least get a flavour of the proceedings, we might even nibble a strawberry or two.

    Summer is quite a busy time for us, as many people are out in their gardens and that means they’re sprucing things up whether it’s garden décor like pond fountains or just hanging lamps from trees and stringing fairy lights about the place for those magical evening barbecues.

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  • Euro 2016 a Month of Footy, Barbecues and Fun for the Whole Family

    Summer always brings a host of great events both musical and sporting to our annual calendar. This year, we have UEFA Euro 2016 tournament and the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio to look forward to.

    Events such as these give us an extra opportunity to break with routine and have some fun. Nothing nicer than putting the shorts and flip flops on and getting outside to enjoy the sunshine (when we get some) and a barbecue which we admit at PK Green we can’t get enough of.

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  • Make Dad’s Day with these Great Gift Ideas part 2

    We’ve had a bit of a think and thought you might like our suggestions to show your dad he’s your number one on Sunday June 19th.

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  • Make Dad’s Day with these Great Gift Ideas

    When you take a moment to think what our parents do for us throughout our lives, a day set aside that’s special for them is worth a few moments effort to make them feel special and know that they are the other 364 days of the year.

    A thoughtful gift for Father's Day has your love attached to it and when you take time to match the gift to the person, it means even more.

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  • Ten energy saving tips for home

    Want to start saving a few of your precious pennies? Read our ten tips below for the best ways you can save energy in your home - the easy way. Continue reading

  • LEDs and the Great Outdoors

    In fairness, the outdoors USUALLY isn't that great - not when it comes to gardens at least. Sure, some people go all out and create beautiful flower displays, shape their hedges like their favourite pet, and even build elaborate garden sheds that could almost be considered a place of residence in their own right, but there's something so...normal about the typical residential garden. With a limited array of inspiration on offer (let's face it, grass isn't exactly awe inspiring and thought provoking) to create something modern, unique and fun, how does one go about creating a garden display to leave any guest or neighbours with a lasting smile on their face?

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  • Put in minimal effort with solar LED'S

    Further to our article about garden based LED products we wanted to further explore the options available to you in your home away from home (well, attached to your home to be precise) and come up with some creative, self-sustaining options to make some serious impact whilst also protecting your wallet a little more for those on a more stringent budget! Continue reading

  • Calculating your solar system requirements

    10W 12V Monocrystalline Solar PanelSo you have to decide to invest in solar power but are unsure about what you require. Well, this post aims to help you in choosing the right solar panel, battery and charge controller.

    There are five main points to consider when you create your own solar system:

    1. Calculating the amount of wattage need to be powered
    2. Power generated by the solar panel
    3. Calculating the correct solar system
    4. Charge controller
    5. How much energy can be stored by the battery

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  • Your Guide to Solar Panels – Basics

    How do solar panels work?

    Solar cells (also known as photovoltaic or ‘PV’ cells), convert the Sun energy into electricity. The more solar cells in a solar panel then the more energy can be created.

    PK Green solar panels are made from grade A cells to ensure high efficiency. They benefit from blocking diode technology, ensuring the panels are enhanced to collect the radiation from the sun.

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