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Party Decoration

  • Time to say Kung hei fat choi and hang those lanterns

    Lanterns, fortune cookies, money in little red and gold envelopes...

    It’s that time of year when dragons and firecrackers are in the streets and the joy that is Chinese New Year spills over into the greater community.

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  • Halloween Series: DIY Halloween LED Decoration Ideas

    Get creepy this week with the build-up of Halloween.

    Make your house the most haunted of them all

    Halloween Season will be on top of us before we know it and with just a few days left to design your home into a creepy lair, we have some great DIY craft decorations, simple and easy, you'll have these seasonal lights up in a flash.

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  • Diwali - Out of Darkness Cometh Light

    Diwali is an ancient Indian festival which signifies the triumph of light over darkness, rather like in many cultures where good conquers evil.

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  • Have Your Own Summer's Ball

    With the summer nights staying warm and dusk settling late, these create the perfect setting for a summer ball. With many grand events coming up, it’s the season to dress up and sip your drinks at the fancy venues you’ll waltz around.
    But if your sealed invitation never arrived, don't worry. Bring the summer ball to you with a splash of PK Green.


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  • Great Garden Party Ideas

    Summer is taking a high road, the longest day has just passed and darker nights are creeping in. But as the sun blazes in the day, what’s better than spending your weekend with family and friends in the garden.

    Hosting BBQ's, playing a game of footy or just relaxing in the sun, the garden is full of enjoyment and life. So why not take that a step further and enhance the natural beauty?

    Here at PK Green, our garden products are endless and we have a product for everyone to make their garden shine against the rest. Whether sparkling stones, strings of fairy lights or a happy gnome, we have something to take your garden to the top and have all your guests in awe at the magical sights.

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  • Bright and Brilliant LED products

    In this post we'd like to focus solely on some of our own bright and brilliant products. Whether they admit it or not, everyone loves bright colours and they never fail to grab our attention.

    At PK Green we go out of our way to provide you with the best choice of LED products your whole family will love. We pride ourselves on providing products for all ages.

    Whether you are looking for a gift, a treat for yourself or the grand children there's something for everyone. Here's a look at some of our most colourful creations. Continue reading

  • Four fabulous fairy light creations

    At PK Green we are always on the hunt for fabulous ways you can use our products. We simply adore being inventive and love to help you really showcase your new purchases of LED lights, after all the possibilities really are endless.

    In this post we are getting inventive with fairy lights, and believe it or not there are so many looks you can create with them it was hard to narrow it down! From a romantic feel to the boudoir to a fun feeling in the garden we have a little something for everyone to try.
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  • How Event Companies Use LED Lighting When Designing New Year Parties

    Lighting is a crucial part of any New Year’s Eve party atmosphere and one of the first things to consider when designing an event. LEDs are relatively new in the field of lighting but have many advantages over old-fashioned bulbs, especially for large events, as they have a longer bulb life, are cool to the touch and extremely versatile. In addition, many of our products change colour at the touch of a button.

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  • How Has LED Lighting Been Used to Enhance Various Corporate and Family Events?

    LED lighting is a huge part of both corporate and family events, particularly during the darker, colder winter months. However, the ways in which event designers utilise LED lighting can be extremely varied. This article will explore the ways in which event companies are currently using LED lighting (and how you can use it too)!

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  • Halloween Series: Four Ways LEDs Can Spook Up Your Haunted House

    A guide on how to use LEDs to make your haunted house stand out from the rest this Halloween.

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