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Put in minimal effort with solar LED'S

Further to our article about garden based LED products we wanted to further explore the options available to you in your home away from home (well, attached to your home to be precise) and come up with some creative, self-sustaining options to make some serious impact whilst also protecting your wallet a little more for those on a more stringent budget!

The great thing about outdoor lights is their constant exposure to the elements - with most things this would be potentially disastrous, but in the case of lights, it means they can use the suns energy to recharge (solar energy is now a HUGE thing, solar panels are now quite commonly being fitted to roof tops for the same purpose) themselves and provide an economic lighting display all year round. Here are just a few of the options available to you...

White Star String Lights

White star string lights are incredibly simple in essence, yet allow you to be immensely creative and enhance anything from a simple garden path to an already existing garden display. They run a long in lines connected to a string that in turn is connected to a solar charging port, this means you're able to arrange them however you wish. Just as a quick tip, they look fantastic when arranged at the side of garden paths.

Solar 50 LED White Star String Lights

Solar Powered Ball Light

Solar powered LED ball lights are a great way to either enhance a hedge array or simply place alongside an existing arrangement to ensure your flower bed stands out from the neighbours and inspires a little friendly competition! - The great aspect about these ball lights is that they're already hedge shaped so are actually very handy for sliding alongside one of your finely shaped hedges in the inner perimeter of your garden walls to make them stand out even more, it's a seamless integration. They also look great arranged alongside a garden path or placed across your garden wall.

Solar Powered 20 LED Topiary Ball Light

Fire Fly String Lights

These lights look GREAT around a pond or water feature! Much like the white star lights they are attached by string to solar charging ports, except the difference here is that the LED lights arranged along the line of wire are actually encased within a plastic fire fly, meaning they look absolutely awesome as part of a garden pond arrangement and really enhance the ambience in your grassy haven! They look quite magical at night just as the sun is setting, if you have a conservatory on hand to watch this take place you're a lucky person!

Dragonfly Garden Solar Light Pack of 2

Rechargeable Solar Battery

Ok so this might not be TOO exciting, but it is incredibly useful for not only sustaining your electrical garden power but also on camping trips! We're mentioning this because of its use for powering your garden displays in an economic manner, it's particularly useful when it comes to non-solar powered LED items that have their own energy source. Grab one today and save yourself some cash!

So there we have it, this array of solar powered LED items will enhance your garden whilst not destroying your wallet at the same time - a little friendlier than the energy hungry furniture mentioned previously...but if you've got it, don't feel afraid to flaunt it! The solar powered battery will make these items a little easier to sustain.

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