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Retro Lighting - Take Us Back In Time

Never lose sight of the old classic home features. They can remind you of your childhood or bring a retro feel to take you back to a time you never knew. With the modernised twist, you can enjoy the retro decorations any time, any place.




Festoon String Bulbs

Go retro with the bare bulb look. From stringing along your ceilings to draping across mirrors or tables, the glass bulbs take your style back to the good old times. The festoon of bright bulbs can outline your garden or home in stylish lighting. Go chic in amber light or make a statement in colours.

Outdoor Retro Party String Lightslantern_hurricane

Retro Lanterns

Keeping it at the olden times,  LED oil styled lanterns are a perfect match for the vintage look. Hang up on hooks or set down as bedside table lamps. Nevertheless, the LED hurricane lantern can compliment all rooms with the gentle LED light.


Groovy Lava Lamps

Our new favourite item of this month have been the totally cool lava lamps. Nothing can beat the unique feature of the melted lava bubbling about in a tall lamp. In a selection of 6 colours, you can find a colour to surely suit your taste. From vibrant purple with red wax, the classic blue wax in clear liquid or go monochrome with the 60’s styled black wax.

The floating wax bubbles are mesmerising, which can make the lava lamps a suitable night light. The dimmer light and the hypnotic lava can have you drifting off in no time. Take the time to relax and bask in the veil of coloured light.

Retro Lava Table Lamp


Fibre Optic Lamps

For a more modern classic light, see our fibre optic lamps.

With the fountain head spray of fibre lights and a choice of coloured LED light, there is nothing like the 90’s favourite fibre optic lights.

From children's bedrooms to party table centres, the unusual optic fibre lamp adds a gentle illuminate light. The fountain lights can help small ones settle to sleep or bring a fancy table lamp.

Retro Sensory Room Lights2706e2248d2bbc502436b501b44f5d0e


Whether you are looking to add a groovy theme to your bedroom, to add the finishing touches to a retro themed party or the essential quirky lamps at weddings; the LED retro lights are the way to go.

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