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Top 10 Uses for Christmas Lights - when it's NOT Christmas!

So Christmas has come and gone and the New Year is here, time to take down the deccies for another year...

But before you grab the boxes and the bubble wrap from the loft, check out these fab home lighting ideas that repurpose Christmas lights so you can enjoy them all year round!



10. DIY Ping Pong Ball Light Garland

Ping Pong ball garland.JPG

Photo Credit: SayYes

Repurpose your multicoloured LED lights into a quirky garland using ping pong balls. Snip a small cross into the ball and slip over the end of the LED bulb. Hang them in a kids room as a sweet night light or roll them out at parties to bring a splash of colour.

PLEASE NOTE: This idea should only be used with LED lights as they won’t get hot and melt the ping pong balls!


9. Cupcake Case Party Lights

Here’s another one that’s strictly for LED lights. If you’ve got any of those big bulbs or round string lights that only see the light of day for a month every year, now’s your chance to get some use out of them for other special occasions too.

All you need are a few cupcake cases and a pair of scissors. As with the ping pong ball garland, simply snip a cross in the bottom of the cupcake case and slip it over the bulb and you’ve got yourself a sweet set of party lights for any occasion.


8. DIY Vanity Light Mirror

For anyone that’s always dreamed of a grand Hollywood style light-up vanity mirror -- now’s your chance. Grab yourself an elegant mirror with a decorative frame (or whatever kind of thing tickles your fancy) and wrap/drape your Christmas string lights around the edge.


7. Hallway Light Wall

Light wall.JPG

Image Credit: Junkaholique


This is an especially brilliant idea for anyone that has limited light in their entranceway or for those long upstairs corridors that always seems a little dingy. Just pop a couple of picture hooks or small nails into the wall and hang up your LED lights. If you’re feeling particularly arty or adventurous you could hang them in a zigzag pattern or funky shape for maximum cool points.


6. Beautifully Natural Living Room Lighting

If you’re going for more of a minimalist look at home this year, using your Christmas lights alongside some props taken straight from nature is a great way to beautifully light a room. Grab a quirky looking fallen branch or a cool bit of driftwood, wrap your lights around and prop up in the corner of the living room. Chic, natural, gorgeous.


5. Dreamy Bedroom Light Canopy

Who hasn’t daydreamed about sleeping under the stars? Well, grab those Christmas LED string lights because now you can. This one’s a little more time-consuming and tricky if you don’t have a four poster bed, but it’s definitely worth the faff for the dreamy finished look.


4. Summer Evening Garden Wonderland

Dollarphotoclub_78674414 (1280x854).jpg


It might still be January, but here at PK Green we’ve already started dreaming about those long summer evenings! So before you pack away those outdoor Christmas twinklies and shove them back in the loft, why not get prepped for summer and create a gorgeously lit garden retreat to help you enjoy those long summer evenings for even longer.


3. Repurposed Wine Bottle Lamp

So I’m pretty sure you’ll have a couple of empty bottles lying around after your Christmas and New Year celebrations! Instead of chucking them in the recycling, why not try upcycling them instead? There’s a tonne of step-by-step guides around that show you how you can make an awesome upcycled bottle lamp using LED lights.


2. Hula Hoop Chandelier

Hula Hoop Chandelier.JPG

Image Credit: SarahOnTheBlog


Got some of those icicle style fairy lights? Liven up any space with this super simple and creative DIY hula hoop chandelier.


1. Light Up Typographic Sign

Typography Sign.JPG

Image Credit: Brit + Co


We think this one is absolutely genius, so much so that next week we’ll be showing you how to make your own, but for now let’s just look at how pretty it is…

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Uses for Christmas Lights - when it's NOT Christmas!”

  • Carol

    I have put a string of blue Christmas lights, along the top of my kitchen cupboards. They give off a lovely blue gliw in the evening

  • Debbie Macmillan
    Debbie Macmillan 14th January 2016 at 8:48 pm

    Some great ideas, Particularly like the ping pong ball string! Will save the page incase there is a need to try some of the ideas.
    Thank you!

  • R Saldana

    Great email - great ideas - would normally have just deleted the email and not looked at the content but worthwhile sending and reading - thank you.

    Also thank you for the Xmas card - again a great idea.

    Happy New Year!

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