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New Year Resolutions - Top 5 Feel Good Goals

We all make our list of resolutions that we'd like to meet in the new year.

Setting up goals is great - but how do we really achieve them?
PK Green has a little secret - taking a fresh new notepad and write your goals in full focus, whether first thing in the morning or before you go to bed.

To get what you want - you need to tune in correctly to get a perfect result. Write down your goals in the order of importance. Be very specific and detailed about what you want. Example -- I want a red Ferrari 488 GTB.

3 rules of achieving the goals-

1)    Read the list 3 times a day with full concentration. Best is write it down.
2)    Think about the goals as often and try to visualise them as achieved.
3)    Do not talk to anyone about the details of your goals except to the great power within you.

We all want our 2017 to start on the right foot, and by enlisting creative and hard working goals can give us a push to really achieve them! Think carefully about what you want to achieve and what great outcomes can be created.

Make 2017 better than it already is! With an extra Sunday in the year, we have a total of 53 relaxing weekends!


Here are our Top 5 New Year Resolutions


How to stay fit & get healthy

Your health is essential and a few tweaks in your diet and exercise routine can boost the feel good feeling, pushing you on the right track.
Be creative and clever in your meals, try making good portion meals to stop the temptation to snack on yummy goodies. Why not use a smaller plate to emphasise your meal size.
Go out for some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors, from intense sports to a slow stroll.
Make new hobbies which can be rewarding in fitness, new friends and feeling great!


Keeping in touch

It may sound cliche, but keeping in touch is great for socialising and enjoying the company of someone else. We all use mobile apps and Facebook to chat and plan with our friends and family but nothing can beat meeting up over a coffee and reminiscing over the good times. Why not give it a go?


Best ways to destress

It's time to take more YOU-time and de-stressing can lead to great things, with being on top performance and feeling generally happier. Have long soaks in the bath or try flavoured teas to help relax. Plan out a schedule so you can plan when you need to do work and when you can blow off a little steam. Gardening is great to take out any stress and brings rewarding outcomes. Research shows gardening how help improve your welfare and even your lifespan by 5-10 years.


Spend little, Save lots

There are loads of ways you can save and it is really easy! If you're a sucker for sales, try giving them a miss and saving up for item you NEED more than WANT. Or perhaps try this in reverse and look just for the bargains. Search for coupons or wait until they offer a great sale or free shipping.


Getting more sleep

It's probably easier said than done, but sleep is REALLY important. It allows the brain to rest and rejuvenate. To get a better night's sleep, make sure you switch off your laptop or mobile screen an hour before going to bed. Read a book to help tire you out. Listen to relaxing music to help you settle down.


Whether you have a long list or just a few goals in mind, take these top 5 New Year resolutions into consideration. They may bring good things to happen!



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