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  • Staying Safe on the Internet

    As you all may have heard, the world experienced the biggest cyber-attack in history, a ransomware called WannaCry.
    With many homes and companies affected by this attacked, including large businesses including the NHS and Renault, it makes us think how vulnerable we are on the internet.
    Ransomware can take over your computer screen, displaying a ransom of anything in-between £100-10,000. Remember, we would never have to give money out to keep our files and through statistics, it shows 1 In 4 people who paid the ransom never recovered their data anyways.

    We’re here to give Top 5 Tips on how to keep safe while surfing the internet.

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  • Getting the Garden Summer Ready

    When you think of summer, what first pops into mind? The hot sun, seaside weekends, the ice-cream van?

    For us it’s the perfect time to get into the summer garden and explore the options of transforming the outdoors into a place of its own.

    Gardening leads to a healthy way of life, getting your creative thinking flowing and keeping fit.

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  • Why choose a Solar Charge Controller?

    Why choose a Solar Charge Controller?

    If you’ve been looking to invest in a solar panel or you already have one, you’ve probably heard of a solar charge controller. (Also known as a charge regulator.)

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  • 5 Fun Ways to Use Water Beads

    When you see these small crystal beads, who would think they could create so many useful and creative displays. A simple soak in water can make the tiny balls into marble effect water beads that can be the centre of attention at many events.


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  • Retro Lighting - Take Us Back In Time

    Never lose sight of the old classic home features. They can remind you of your childhood or bring a retro feel to take you back to a time you never knew. With the modernised twist, you can enjoy the retro decorations any time, any place.



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  • Valentine's Lights for a Special Night

    If you didn't guess Valentine's Day is nearing the corner with all shops advertising in red, pink and hearts, then it's time to get your groove on in creating that memorable night with someone special.

    We all have our differences in the ways we like to celebrate. Some of us are extravagant and go all out on the special night, some of us have a more humble approach with a cosy night in and a home cooked meal and some just see Valentine's as an over-commercialised overpriced date night.

    Which ever category you fall into to, PK Green has a few tips and Valentine's lights to help heat up the romance and spread the love feeling around, whatever you decide to do.

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  • Great ways to use your Xmas Lights all Year Round

    It’s always the dreaded feeling of taking the Christmas decorations down; leaving a bare room you forgot was so big.

    When you think that the festive and fun lights only get used once a year for a short period of time – it’s kind of a shame

    Worry not; we have devised great ways to use the LED Christmas decorations for much longer.

    Above all, if they are just LED lights, there’s no bad luck!

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  • New Year Motivation and Gift Guide

    New Year, New Me.
    Are you waiting for the list of new ambition to be reeled off, full well knowing a good 70% won’t be achieved?
    We’re here to help boost your esteem and get those goals completed! It’s nearly New Year and we have a helpful inspiration and buy guide right here to give a helping hand.

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  • Upcoming Christmas ideas to get you ready!

    It’s December, don’t panic

    PK Green Christmas

    Three weeks to the big day. Hopefully you’ve found all the Christmas decorations, untangled and tested the lights and they all work.

    If they don’t, then you’re reading the right blog.

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  • PK Green Christmas - All about Advent

    All about Advent.

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