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Valentine's Lights for a Special Night

If you didn't guess Valentine's Day is nearing the corner with all shops advertising in red, pink and hearts, then it's time to get your groove on in creating that memorable night with someone special.

We all have our differences in the ways we like to celebrate. Some of us are extravagant and go all out on the special night, some of us have a more humble approach with a cosy night in and a home cooked meal and some just see Valentine's as an over-commercialised overpriced date night.

Which ever category you fall into to, PK Green has a few tips and Valentine's lights to help heat up the romance and spread the love feeling around, whatever you decide to do.

LED tealights are the way to go.

You can never go wrong with tealights. The flickering flame and the scented wax is a excellent combo for Valentine's. Light up a few as you dine together, sprinkle the candles all around your home, bedroom, bathroom, even up the pathway to the front door.
For a glowing entrance, pop a few tealights into glass lanterns or tealight holders to showerproof the flameless lights while surprising your partner's arrival.
Battery Operated Flameless Valentines LED Tea Lights

If you want your Valentine's day to have no mishaps, why not look into LED tealights. The battery candles are a bright idea to a flame free candle light, without any fire risks or wax mess. With the Valentine's lights available in coloured LED, you can really up your game with pink and red flamed tealights.



Valentine's Night Waterproof & Submersible LED Candles & Tea Lights


If the tealights tickle your taste buds, why not enrich your waters as well? The submersible tealights shine bright like a candle flame which can be submerged under water.
Add the unique Valentine's light into baths, hot tubs or even in your glass of bubbly to take things to the next level.




Next stop: Fairy Lights.

Fairy lights can be hooked, strung and laid out around the home to add that elegant love look. Dim down the lights and let the fairy lights lead. Trail them around the house, wrapped up banisters, around your bed headrest or down the dining table.

A bottle is always a good gift for Valentine's, whether it is full of wine or fairy lights. Spruce up the home with the delicate string of lights. It can really add to the hygge setting of cosy lights.

Valentine's Fairy Lights

Frosted Butterfly Decorative Bottle with LED Lights


Get into the Valentine's Mood

If the pink colours are a little too sickly sweet, why not be a little different this Valentine's?

Valentine's Light LED Mood LampsLight up mood lamps can suit all tastes with the range of shapes, colours and sizes. Let the rainbow glow set the Valentine's mood and relax and bask in the veil of LED light.

Set to a romantic red, simplistic white or go fun with rainbow. Whether they line around the outside patio or set as a table lamp, the Valentine's lights LED is sure to make a statement.



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