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Great ways to use your Xmas Lights all Year Round

It’s always the dreaded feeling of taking the Christmas decorations down; leaving a bare room you forgot was so big.

When you think that the festive and fun lights only get used once a year for a short period of time – it’s kind of a shame

Worry not; we have devised great ways to use the LED Christmas decorations for much longer.

Above all, if they are just LED lights, there’s no bad luck!

Fairy String Lights

Fairy lights are an easy string up light that suit any occasion and any event.
With the versatility of the colours, length and the light options, the LED string lights can transform any room!
Small and subtle, fairy lights can become year round home decorations. Furthermore, drape over mirrors, around bed frames or hang up on walls.

In fact, they can create a big statement and effect without much effort.

Fairy String Lights 20 LED Battery Powered Fairy String Lights


Flameless Tealights

The LED tealights fit the bill when it comes to adding a romantic and warm light without a lot of worry.  Tealights can be used all year long and fit into any occasion. With a simple LED flame in a variety of colours including amber, flickering white and colour changing; the subtle light is suited for many events.
Dinner events, party lights or just for a warm ambience. Indeed, the small battery powered tealights can add a bright light that is also safe and secure with an LED flame.

LED Tealights12 Colour Changing LED Tealight Flameless Candles

Small Mood Lights

Without any festive connection, the LED mood lights can stay alight while the Santa and snowmen are being boxed away.
The choice of colours can suit any season, with pastel shades coming to light in spring and bolder colours in summer.
From dining tables, to garden parties to your bedside table, the mood lights can fit any occasion even as a sweet night light. Even more, the dimmable option with the remote controlled options will allow a softer glow to settle the little ones down to sleep.


9cm Battery Powered LED Heart Mood Light10cm Mood Cube Light AAA Batteries

Taper Candles

Treat your home to a traditional and decorative light with our LED wax taper candles.  From candelabras, to candle holders to decorating the dining table, these flameless taper candles will bring a regal essence suited for all year long.
Stuck for a place to fit them in your home? Donate them to your local church to be used in the services all year round.


 Taper Candles

Waterproof Balls

Who said pool party? Waterproof and lightweight, the LED floating mood balls are ideal for bringing a decorative touch to outdoor pools and ponds. Use the shining sphere lights as home decoration, bathroom lighting or floating in water displays. The waterproof orbs are essential for all types of events as a result with their colourful LED light

Set of 3 Waterproof Ball Lights with Remote LED Sphere For EventsWhite LED Floating Ball

Christmas Tree Light

Take the Christmas out of the tree light by making a mood light garden decoration.
The LED tree light is ideal for a relaxing summer evening out in the garden or to bring a pop of light on the decking. Accordingly protect from water and let the colour changing LED effect as a result transform your outdoors.
With the versatile shape, the mesmerising mood light can furthermore go from wedding table centre décor, to garden light to indoor table lamp.

LED Xmas Tree Rechargeable Mood Lamps Set of 4 with Remote 26cm height26cm Rechargeable Christmas Tree Lamp with Remote


Just because Christmas has come and gone, keep up the jolly light around you to ensure a happy feel to any place you go.

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