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40% off all products! Hurry, offer ends in

40% off all products! Hurry, offer ends in

40% off all products! Hurry, ends in

Yellow, Orange & Amber LED Candles & Tea Lights

Our amber flicker flame candle takes the real flame candle to new levels with the LED light.

Get the best of your real wax candles with all the LED benefits. Keep that flickering amber flame while making the fire safe and hazard free, ideal for homes and venues. And avoid the wax messes and accidental knocks of the candles with the flame-free candle lights.

The candle-styled tealights are a must-have for when you’re having your friends and family round or for a relaxing evening alone. Enjoy the amber hue of the orange led candles, whether it is from within candle holders decorating your home or a dangling lantern outdoors. From the tealight size to the flicker flame, the differences are indistinguishable between the LED and real flame. Aside from the amber led tealights, see our battery powered pillar candles that are available in 2 sets and sizes. We offer a choice in our timed electric yellow pillar lights, allowing the candles to turn on when you arrived home for a comforting entrance. What’s more, with the mid melt style and soft glimmer effect, they are assure for replacing real wax candles.

Did you ever believe you could put candles into water? With our amber led candles, let the flickering flame be the centre of water displays with the waterproof collection. Whether you want your lights to gracefully float on surfaces or light up under water, our floating and submersible LED lights tick the boxes.

If it’s just the golden glow you’re after, see our decorative mood lights. As small as tealights, the little LED’s will provide a wavering amber flame light without an actual flame. The battery orange led tea lights can last longer than any candle and shines a strong LED light.

Among our collection of yellow LED candles, you’ll see dancing flame candles, taper candles in an array of designs and remote-controlled lights.

With our wide choice of colour sorted flameless candles, you’ll find your favourite at PK Green.

The PK Green team


Amber Battery Candles
Minimal Price: £4.19

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