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40% off all products! Hurry, offer ends in

40% off all products! Hurry, ends in

Battery Operated LED Taper Candles

PK Green hosts a wide collection of LED taper candles, including sets of 2, dripping wax effect and dancing flame candles. Whether your home needs a dash of candle light or you are looking for a safe flame for your candelabra, we might just have what you’re looking for.

Find our popular set of 2 taper candles, with LED flames and wax coatings making them almost like the real thing. If you were planning on decorating an event or multiple table displays, the set of 4 and 10 LED taper candles may be more appropriate, bringing a classic and contemporary light.

Whether you will stand the battery taper candles in holders or just on their own, the remote control will make igniting the LED light so easy. With all the tapers in our collection operated off batteries, they can be automatically switched on. In fact, on and off remotes are provided with some sets of remote controlled candles to control the flame from afar. The stick candles controls are made easy with a simple push down flame.

The flameless taper candles involve no heat or real flame, making them a safer alternative. They’re available in two types to meet all customer preferences. The electric flame can flicker realistically, being comparatively like a real candle. We also offer steady LED flames that glow gently if you prefer a calmer non flicker flame.

Although we have a lovely range of candle holders, our smaller sized taper candles are available with candle bases. Choose from a range of gold, silver or ivory bases for our LED tapers. Fit to match most interior décor theme.
Bring out the LED candles in holders for window ledge decoration during festive event or keep as permanent table embellishment.

See our timer taper candles, sparking up the flicker flame for 5 hours a day, at the same time. Choose between a warm white or amber flame, and perhaps a flicker or non-flicker flame. Whether you’re looking to complete a romantic meal, need classic candles for a wedding or just want a subtle candle light in your home, the LED taper candles suit all needs.


The PK Green team


LED Taper Candles
Minimal Price: £5.39

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