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40% off all products! Hurry, offer ends in

40% off all products! Hurry, offer ends in

40% off all products! Hurry, ends in

Warm White LED Battery Candles

For a heart-warming light, see our warm white candle range. Including only the candles shining a warm white, these lights are suitable for elegant events or decorative home lights that a real flame candle just can’t do justice.

Our range of warm white lights are readily available in a choice of flicker and steady flames. The soothing steady flames of the warm white battery tealights help relax the mind in meditations sessions, or during a church service. The iridescent glow can aid in concentration and provide a still peaceful light. The decorative mood lights bring a non flicker light too. Small enough to be a tealight, the led candles are essential for a peaceful setting, whether that be a yoga lesson, a relaxing bath or to decorate the dining table.

 If you prefer the flicker effect, see our stylised LED pillar candles that shimmer and flick the electric light that represents a wavering candle flame. The mid melt designs helps replicate the actions of a real flame, to let the LED light be easily mistaken for a real wax candle.

Take a browse over our sets of tealight candles that can adorn every corner of a room and be scattered over tables for wedding receptions, party events or to create a cosy home. From sets of 4 and 12 tealights to 6 and 12 tall pillars, these bright lights can be popped in a table tealight holder or cover a whole venue.

Our pillar styled warm white candles mimic the flicker of a real candle flame, guarantying a life like candle. Whether you want to use a realistic candle without the hazards of fire or you want to reuse the candles for many events, the battery operated pillars can provide the appearance of real flame with the safety of LED light.

The PK Green team


Warm White LED Candles
Minimal Price: £4.19

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