10 White Submersible LED Lights for Aquarium, Bowl, Spa, Centrepiece

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- Set of 10 premium battery powered underwater LED lights

- Bright white LED light. Fully waterproof and submersible - use indoors and out

- Long battery life: last more than 48 hours continuously or more than 2 weeks if used 4-6 hours per day

- Ready to use out of the box: batteries come pre-installed and are easy to replace too

- Create spectacular lighting for centrepieces, baths, pools, fish tanks, flower vases and more

To create the perfect display, you need the perfect lights. Enter waterproof LED lights from PK Green. You can submerse these lights under water and experience dazzling underwater LED lighting - perfect for ponds, centrepieces, fountains, aquariums, fish tanks...but we'll leave that to your imagination.

Use them as submersible lights or waterproof LED candles. Spark life into events, weddings, parties and gardens. Ideal for use as flower vase lights. Being waterproof, you can use them indoors or outdoors with no worry.

These lights are battery operated, so you can put them in places where mains powered lights can't go. No cables, no mains power and a heatless LED light means you can safely let the children do it too.

...that's all fine, but are these lights easy to use? Absolutely. Take them out of the box and enjoy straight away. Batteries already installed. Simply twist the bottom to turn on/off.

- Total height: 2.5cm (including flame)
- Base height: 1.5cm
- Diameter: 3cm
- Battery requirements: 2 x CR2032 batteries in each submersible LED light (included, installed and replaceable)

What you get

- A set of 10 PK Green white waterproof LED lights.

Note: These submersible lights are available in different colours - amber, white and colour changing, red, pink and blue. Combine with our collection of wedding centerpiece lightings - water beads and led vase bases.

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