About PK Green Battery Powered Lamps

These high quality battery operated bedside table lamps are perfect for your bedroom, living room or children’s room.

Being battery powered, there are no wires to worry about – and no danger of mains power. Great for children, especially as sensory lights as the lamps are cool to touch and safe to hold, with soft PE plastic.

Because they are cordless, you can put them anywhere, and change your display anytime. Some of them even come with a remote, so you can choose the colour you want to set the perfect atmosphere in your room. You can even choose a colour changing sequence such as smooth gradual colour change, or flashing colour change.

Since they run on AA or AAA batteries, the lamps will last more than 24 hours continuously on fresh batteries – so assuming you use them a few hours a day, they could last one week or more.

The lamps are available in many shapes, and you can customise them too with your own text or logo.

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