About PK Green Solar Charge Controllers

 The handy 12v solar charge controllers are the key to safe solar charging through solar panels. The charge controllers help regulate and stop over charging to protect your batteries.

The regulators can lend a helping hand to the flowing energy from panel to battery and battery to electrical device. This will protect over discharge, over charging and reverse currents.

At PK Green we have a range of solar charge controllers for sale including 10A, 20A and 30A. The higher the amps of a charge controller, the more suitable they are for larger Watt solar panels.

The 10a charge controller can be used for a max. 120w with 12v battery and 240w with 24w battery.

The 20 amp controller can be used for a max. 240w solar panels with 12v battery and 480w panels with 24v battery

The 30a regulator can be used for a max. 360w with 12v battery and 720w with 24v battery

The timer function of the 10 amp solar panel controller help switch off your lighting system or electric devices when the battery is running low to prevent any damage of excessive discharge

We recommend solar panel charge controllers for all panels above 15W.

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