20W Folding Solar System Portable USB Charging Camping Kit

SKU: CS_SC-020

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- 20W foldable solar panel camping travel kit

- Folding feature- easy carriage and storage. 4 panels inside

- Durable water resistant carry case

- 26cm high x 87cm width when opened up. Protective material high quality case

- 2 USB ports in zip case to keep electric items safe while charging

Using your phone or tablet has never been easier when travelling out in the open. From camping, to caravan parks and long hikes, the 20w PK Green folding solar panel will be your best friend on your journey.

Small and Portable
The folding feature allows the panel to be packed up and stored in your backpacks. This panel is only 26cm high and 19cm wide and very lightweight. The sturdy rope hooks allow the panel to be strapped while open onto your bag or tent to charge in the sun while on the move.

Free Energy
Inside, the panel folds out with 4 individual panels, allowing the solar panel kit to be angeled and propped in the sun's direction for best exposure. Connect to the 2 USB ports for instant power.

Durable Design
The durable protective case will keep the panels safe and secure, while shielding away from harsh water exposure. The panel surfaces are water resistant, allowing them to be used in light rain or near fountains and rivers where they could be splashed.

The back zip pocket stores the attached 2 USB ports, convenient for storing your electronics safe. Connect with a wide variety of devices such as phones, cameras, GoPros, tablets, speakers and much more.


- Size (cm): 26 height x 87cm width x 1cm thickness
- Folded size: 26cm high x 19cm width x 5cm thickness
- Peak Power (max): 20W
- Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp): DC 5V
- Maximum Power Current (Imp): 2.8A
- Weight: 990g

What you get

- 1x 20W folding panel with 2 USB ports

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