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80W Folding Solar Panel Charging Kit Refurbished for 12V Battery

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- Refurbished 80w folding solar panel with 12V 8A charge controller installed

- The briefcase design of the panel, ensures secure carriage and ease with the handle and clips

- Use the panel for car, caravan and boat 12V battery charging, kitchen appliances, lighting systems

- Use for indoors and outdoors. Power garden sheds, conservatories and tent

- Dimensions: (open) 59 x 103 x 3.5 cm (folded) 59 x 15 x 7 cm

Foldable refurbished 80w solar panel with briefcase design and handle for easy carriage an portability.

This has been used in our office for demo purposes. It has been fully tested and comes with a 1 year warranty.

The 80w kit includes a foldable panel, 8A charge controller attached with cables and 2 large copper crocodile clips. The set comes in a material zip case for extra protection.

Connect the panel to your 12V battery and use it to charge boats, cars, motor-homes and outdoor water features

The folding solar panel is waterproof and has a non-rust material, suiting all weathers. The panel is mono-crystalline providing high efficient solar cells and top quality performance.


- PMax: 80W
- Vmp: 17.8V
- Imp: 4.50A
- Voc: 21.6V
- Isc: 4.96A
- Max Voltage: 1000V
- Dimensions Folded: Height - 51cm, Width - 59cm, Thickness - 7cm
- Dimensions Open: Height - 59cm, Width - 103cm, Thickness - 3.5cm

What you get

- 1x refurbished 80W solar panel with crocodile clips and junction box
- 12V 8A charge controller

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