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Solar Powered Fountain Pump with Battery 2W Panel


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- Solar powered water fountain with panel and ring light. Mains adaptor included too

- 2W solar panel with 6V DC pump. On & Off switch to operate the pump

- Fountain can reach a maximum water lift of 40cm

- Use for summer garden ponds and night time garden decoration with LED ring light

- Backup battery to provide a water feature on cloudy days and evening time

Water fountains are a favourite for the garden, bringing a delicate and fun feature that can decorate ponds and pool while giving a water fountain and oxygen circulation too. The solar water fountain pump will create a spectacular feature that can reach a maximum water height of 40cm.

Powered with a 2w solar panel, use the ground spike to angle the panel in the best direction of the sun for bright and direct sunlight. Simply press the on/off button once to power the fountain and hold the button for 3 seconds to switch off. The light indicator will show the battery status through green, orange and red LEDs.

The water fountain for garden also has a backup battery source so your fountain can carry on flowing on cloudy days and in the evening too. The panel will charge through solar, giving any surplus energy to charging the batteries. Turn off the pump to allow the panel to charge the batteries to full.

The kit includes a white LED ring light to add extra decoration to your fountain at night. With the nozzle kit, you can choose what fountain look you want with 3 different heads to give a range of different sprays.

When the panel is facing the sun, the battery will start charging. When you press the ON switch at the back of the panel, the pump will start. When it turns cloudy, the battery will continue to run the pump.

Note: Charge the battery to full when the pump first arrives.

The battery is behind the solar panel which gets charged by direct bright sunlight; when the solar panel is facing the sun.
As of now we are not supplying a mains adaptor which can charge the battery.   The only way for battery backup to work is by solar.


- Water Flow Max. 200LPH
- Water Lift Max.: 0.8M
- Water Projection Height: Max. 0.4M
- Cable Length: 5M
- Lithium Battery: 3.7V-2000mAH

Panel Specifications

- Dimensions: 20.5cm x 15cm x 4cm
- Wattage: 2W

Pump Specifications

- Pump dimensions: 4cm height, 4cm width, 6cm length
- Operation Voltage: 6V DC
- Cable: 5m

What you get

- 1x pond water fountain with:
- 2w panel
- Black fountain pump
- Mains adaptor
- 1x 4 LED ring light with 5m cable
- Ground spike set
- 10 fountain nozzle pieces

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