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About PK Green Floating LED Candles & Tea Lights

Add something special to your home with the LED floating tealights. What’s so magical about these candles is that they are battery operated yet can float and glow on water surfaces.

See our deluxe range of the waterproof flameless candles. These decorative lights make a practical yet elegant addition to any event, providing luminescent light while looking pretty too. Choose between bright white, amber and our favourite, colour changing.

The battery floating candles allow you to combine flames with water, for all kinds of water displays. Running off button batteries, they shine a steady flame light while surrounded by water. Just set on the surface of pools, ponds or tubs and let the wet active the LED light.

Our selections of non-flicker waterproof lights are safer than your average tea light. Opt for the harmless LED battery candles that can add peace of mind during events and parties. These lights are cool to touch and can be placed in a variety of places without worry of wires and mains power.

Meanwhile, the floating LED lights also add a relaxing essence to bathrooms and spas. Add a long lasting impact that will make you the favourite of all your friends.

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