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80W Folding Solar Panel Charging Kit for 12V Battery, Camping, Car

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- 80w folding solar panel with 12V 8A charge controller

- The briefcase design of the panel, ensures secure carriage and ease with the handle and clips

- Use the panel for car, caravan and boat 12V battery charging, kitchen appliances, lighting systems

- Use for indoors and outdoors. Power garden sheds, conservatories and tent

- Dimensions: (open) 59 x 103 x 3.5 cm (folded) 59 x 15 x 7 cm

Foldable 80w solar panel with briefcase design and handle for easy carriage an portability.

The 80w kit includes a foldable panel, 8A charge controller attached with cables and 2 large copper crocodile clips. The set comes in a material zip case for extra protection.

Connect the panel to your 12V battery and use it to charge boats, cars, motor-homes and outdoor water features

The folding solar panel is waterproof and has a non-rust material, suiting all weathers. The panel is mono-crystalline providing high efficient solar cells and top quality performance.


- PMax: 80W
- Vmp: 17.8V
- Imp: 4.50A
- Voc: 21.6V
- Isc: 4.96A
- Max Voltage: 1000V
- Dimensions Folded: Height - 51cm, Width - 59cm, Thickness - 7cm
- Dimensions Open: Height - 59cm, Width - 103cm, Thickness - 3.5cm

What you get

- 1x 80W solar panel with crocodile clips and junction box
- 12V 8A charge controller

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