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About PK Green Golf Ball Outdoor Lights

No pathway should be without decorative light. Check out our golf ball lights that easily stake in the ground and illuminate the way down to your garden for an evening outdoor events and gatherings. The bright LED light helps guide you down the pathway while adding a professional and purposeful light decoration. Take a browse at our path lights that can help outline and shape your garden.

The LED golf balls are available in sets that can provide you with a single themed golf ball light to brighten up plant pots or a set of 3 to a line around your flower bed. If you are looking for simple patio lighting to match your LED furniture or a more statement light for your next garden party, the sets of LED spheres can bring a subtle complementary outdoor mood light.

See our selection of colour changing or white LED. Stick to the original white, for a sophisticated yet simple LED adornment. Meanwhile the colour changing can be a game changer when it comes to your garden décor. Cycling through a rainbow of LED light, let the golf balls provide an amazing sight.

Don’t fret about leaving the garden path lights outdoors. The showerproof exterior makes them suitable for light showers and damp grass. Set out all summer long to benefit from the whimsical light display outside.

The LED golf ball lamps are operated on batteries that allow them to be moved around and situated in any place you wish. Lay flat on the base or stand the garden lights into harden ground with the tee themed stake.

For any golf and garden lovers out there, this is the perfect gift.

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