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About PK Green Green LED Candles & Tea Lights

Accent your home for celebrations, creating a comforting light for children and impress your party guests with the glowing green light. 

Although the flameless tealights are LED, they can provide a unique green coloured light that would be impossible to create with real flame candles. With no hot flame, wax or smoke, these eye grabbing candles are a safer substitute for wax candles. Whether they are used as kid’s night lights, or to decorate a busy event venue, the flameless green pillar candles will bring comfort around children and pets.

The green LED tealights shine an impressive light that can last for 24 – 48 hours continuously. Moreover, if they are lit for a few hours every evening, the efficient LED light can last for over a week. They can bring a bright green glow for festivals and all day events, without any worry of the battery running out.

Aside from decorating your home, the battery operated tealights are suitable for the events and parties especially if they are Christmas or Halloween themed.
The bright, sparky and fun green LED candles are the ideal light to bring a little Christmas spirit with the Christmas tealights. Mix and match with the colourful LED tealight collection, to bring a winter wonder candle display.
Add a gory style for Halloween events with the creepy green LED tea lights. Cover in cobwebs or make skeleton eyes glow, we’ve got you covered when it comes to Halloween candles and lights.

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