About PK Green LED Candles & Tea Lights for Events

Our premium battery powered candles will add a touch of elegance to your event - without the worry of open flames or hassle of dripping wax.

PK Green LED candles are cool to touch - safe for children to hold.

To enquire about candles for your event, email us at sales@pkgreen.com or use our contact form.

Or, call us on +44 (0)1902 607555, Monday to Friday.

You can also make an order directly on our website.

"I purchased a few to check quality - and they turned out great. So I ordered 12 more for my party. The subtle flicker effect looks good in my silver votives. I actually wouldn't buy real ones any more." - Filipe D | Cheadle


Choose PK Green candles for your event

All events have bright lighting, interesting table features and one of kind decorations. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or have a large gathering, our LED candles for events can bring it to life.

Many venues restrict the use of candles and real flame lights, but with our battery powered collection of candles, they can still add the look of real flame while keeping safe with LED lights.

The candles are fully battery operational, leaving no heat, smoke or flames that could endanger children and flammable materials. The candles are cool to touch, easily portable and efficient in battery life.

Fill the occasion with wavering candle flames that are touchable and LED powered. You can find a range of candles that suit all events from a small get together at home or to the big special wedding day.

The advantage of flameless candles is there is no more worry of melting wax, yet our collection provides you with a selection of pillar and taper candles styled with dripping wax effect to make them even more realistic.

Our battery powered candles cover an array of styles, sizes and colour. Whether it’s a set of colour changing tealights, or our traditional taper candles or even the set of 3 remote controlled candles, with their flameless light, it is the solution to great yet safe event lighting.

From metallic bases to glass holders, our candle holders can complete the LED display for the battery candle range. Most ideal with our tea lights for events, the candle holders can change ordinary candle decoration to a table centre attraction.

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