About PK Green Night Lamps

See our glowing collection of mood lighting for bedrooms whose gradual colour changing light and subtle iridescent glow can bring sweet dreams as you fall asleep.

See our fun characters that make a lovable addition to your bedroom that can bring a soft glow for the duration of the night. The animal shaped led night lights for children can sit on your bedside table as you peacefully drift off. With the efficient battery life, the kids’ night lights will still be gleaming in the morning, ready to be lit up again at night.

With a choice of coloured LED, you can mix and match your coloured light night lamp as often as you like. Choose a soft white or a relaxing colour change to settle yourself and the little ones to sleep. See our choice of battery night lights, from rechargeable to disposable batteries. With both being portable, you can keep your night light right next to you or illuminate the shadows around the room.

The remote controlled mood lamps can help adjust the lighting properties. Dim the LED colour down for an easy to sleep light. Pick your favourite out the 16 colours or choose the slow fade. With the option to change up the lighting style, you can use the LED lamp for every occasion. Use as an everyday LED table lamp, dim down for a soothing night light or pick a bright colour or flash mode for an exciting party light.

Do you like to listen to music to help you settle down? The LED speaker ball will combine the essence of the glowing light with soft music for a soothing night light. All controlled through a remote, the calming light up speaker can be changed to suit a range of preferences.

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