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About PK Green Solar Fan

Our selection of solar powered fans is a great idea for immediate and eco-friendly cool air. Charge the travel fans outdoors in the sun for cooling air blown into your home. Or why not use outdoors, where it will continuously charge as it works.

The solar fan can be used in a variety of environments, such as moving air in greenhouses, helping extract odours or keeping confined spaces cool. The cooling air system can help cool down sheds, stables, kennels, catteries and even when leaving your pet in the car.

The DC portable fan can be powered by solar panel or 12V battery. By simply attached the preferred method of power, use the fan in sunny conditions when travelling with the solar panel or for yearly use outdoors and inside with the battery option.

The mini solar fan has a functional LED light feature that can help the fan be used for many purposes. Take with you on camping trips, festivals or on road trips for cooling air where mains supply and electricity may be scarce.

If you’re interested in the models with a solar panel, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll render assistance.

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