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About PK Green Solar Fountain Kits & Pond Pumps

Want the solar power to do something useful for you? Why not try solar powered dc water pumps. Browse through our fountain kits ranging from solar powered fountains (some with battery backup) and some low voltage mains powered.

The battery backup fountain kits allow the solar power to be stored and used even when the sun isn’t shining. The battery fountain can create a wonderful garden piece on cloudier days and for a night time feature. Although the mains power can power the fountain at any time of day, for a greener water feature see our solar water fountain pump without battery backup. Although this means you’ll only have a working fountain when there’s bright, direct sunlight, they can entertain all through summer when the garden is in most use. Whichever you choose, the PK Green range is of premium quality.

We have two types of garden fountains in our collection. Low voltage mains powered and solar powered, with both providing a selection of models that are able to produce water lift from 50cm up to 2.1m.

Our solar garden water features and fountains models that can only work through solar power, are provided with a solar panel. For all year round enjoyable solar fountains, some are available with battery backup. The low voltage pump kits bring direct power to your pond fountain pump for an instant water feature.

From waterfalls to water features, the solar water fountain kits come with plastic tubing allowing a range of designs to be created. It can also be used to replace mains powered pump in your existing water feature.

To heighten your solar water fountain for ponds, there are also solar pond lights and timer kits available for outdoor events or fancy waterfall that you can relax to in the evening.

"I'm very surprised how well this 2w solar garden fountain works when the sun is out... I have now ordered a second fountain as it is a good way to oxygenate a pond when it is not possible to have mains power available. It also means it costs nothing to run and no live cables" - Simon | France

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