About PK Green Solar Panels

The PK Green solar panels are an eco-friendly, green solution to powering garden and home electronics using solar power.

Rigid Frame Panels

Our monocrystalline solar panels are highly efficient to provide the best solar power. Easy to mount and resistant to rust and water, feel free taking the home solar panel outdoors to power solar water fountains, DV bulb outdoor lighting and vehicle 12v lead acid batteries.

The wide selections of panels’ are available in a range from 5w to 100w. Power garden fountains and outdoor lights or keep your caravan battery topped up all weekend. Our small solar panels can help power and charge all electric devices.

Folding Panels

Solar panels are a handy item that can help provide power without access to mains outlets. This is why the portable solar panels are an essential for mobile homes and weekends away camping. Our range of folding solar panels for camping will provide you with power on the go. Charge the solar panel up in the sun and power phones, cameras, and other traveling devices. With attachable hooks and foldable panels, charge while you travel, whether it is laid out in the car, or attached to your backpack.

Semi-Flexible Panels

Our flexible panels are a favourite for caravans and boats with the higher wattage and a flexible yet durable panel. Set up to the travel homes battery and keep the battery topped up while it powers the electric systems that makes your weekends away easy and greener with solar power.

Furthermore, keep your solar panels systems safe and secure with our solar charger accessories. Hook up to the charge controllers for safe and regulated solar power. With mounting brackets available too, set up your panels with ease and no damage to surfaces.

Mount these flexible solar panels to smooth surfaces for secure holding and portable energy. We recommend a super strong adhesive like Sikaflex 252i. It is useful for securing solar panels to boat, motorhomes and caravan.

If you have any questions on which solar panel is best for you, give us a call on 01902 607555, or pop up to us on live chat.

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