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About PK Green Solar Panels for Camping, Caravan

Solar panels for camping

Whether exploring the depth of nature on your own or with friends and family as companions, camping is a popular activities bestowed with many. Which is why when you are going the extra length, some things should be easy. Our solar panels are suited for travelling, either set on top of a caravan or folded away on a hike. With an exclusive range of panels extending from 5W to 40W, chances there is a panel most idyllic for you.

Our selections of solar powered panels have a large range to provide the best suited wattage for many appliances when camping. From fans, to light bulbs or to keeping your caravan battery on charge, the reliable sun powered panels can make any weekend away hassle free.

Wondering which panel structure would be best for you? Our flexible panels are most idealists with curved surfaces, whether that is a caravan roof, a tepee or you just prefer the more flexible design.

For more portable panels, see our folding panel kit. With easy folding and a handle to carry, take the solar powered appliance everywhere you go. Set on the ground, upright or at an angle with the mounting stand to grab all the sunlight.

On the other hand, if a more relaxing weekend takes your fancy enjoy an instant cool down with the solar panel fan set. The solar fan is powered with a 20W panel, keeping you and your environment cool. With a choice of strengths in power, the fan can provide to a mixture of roles from chilling a caravan, to keep sheds and greenhouses at a cooler temperature.

Most importantly, keep safe when powering your appliances with a charge controller. The 20w panel with 10A charge controller is ideal for any powering worries. The charge controller can protect the appliance and stop any overcharging, over discharging and overloading.

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