About PK Green Pond Air Pumps - Solar & DC Power

The solar aerators offer a green solution to maintaining pond life and oxygen levels.

With a choice of a 1.5w kit or a 3.5w kit with battery backup, the air pumps will efficiently deliver oxygen into your water features and pond which can help fish and plant life thrive. Taking air from the atmosphere, a stream of air bubbles will be released into the water and allows the oxygen to dissolve for a healthy pond.

Sending a direct stream of oxygen through tubing to the plants and fish underwater, the solar pond aerator kits can help reduce algae growth as well as improve water movement. The high levels of oxygen in water can also help prevention of ice water during winter.

The solar pond aerators with backup battery can carry on pumping oxygen even when it is cloudy or at night time to provide constant oxygenation to water fountains, koi ponds and water features.

Along with a mains adaptor, choose to power your koi pond pump with the solar panel or mains power. Whether you need your water fountain feature oxygenated through the winter months or for direct power, the mains adaptor will efficiently keep the pond clean and clear.

Simple to set up, the solar pond aerators can be up and running in 2 minutes.

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