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About PK Green Underwater Lights

Submerse the underwater lights and watch the water illuminate in a bright light. The pool lights are suitable from small water bowls and fish tanks to large ponds and pools with their iridescent widespread glow.

Whether you want to surprise your partner with a glowing glass of fizz or your water fountain needs an upgrade of modern outdoor lighting, the submersible candle lights can add a delicate yet impressive LED decoration.

The selection of fun and vibrant colours, including colours ranging from crystal white, warm amber or a burst of pink will make it hard when choosing the colour for you. Make the decision easy and go for the smooth gradual colour changing LED, that cycle through a constant rainbow.

You can count on the water tealights to showcase their light all evening long with their efficient battery life. Fully waterproof, the submersible lights are operated off button batteries that can glow for a constant 24-48 hours. A simple twist and you can keep replacing the batteries for a never ending outside light. The battery power allows the LED lights to work above the surface too, so they can adorn your flower beds or tealight holders outside without any worry of getting wet.

Our pond light fountain kits can take your pond to the top, adding a gentle white light into pond and pool features. Set up your pond kit and prepare for a show stopping garden light. The underwater lights are connected to a solar panel system that will let the lights glow brightly on solar power. Charge the with bright direct sunlight and see you outdoor water displays light up. With the battery backup option, charge the pond lighting via mains power or through a backup battery for efficient lighting on cloudier days and winter months.

If you are party planning, or want to peak interest in your home decorations, the waterproof lights will surely make a statement.

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