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About PK Green Water Beads

Our collections of water beads are versatile and vibrantly coloured to add a dash of colour to your home decoration.

The array of water absorbing beads come in a selection of 10 colours including a subtle clear, a bright blue or a classic black.

The aqua gel beads add a translucent décor that can fill up vases, fish bowls and decorative dishes to emphasise glass ornaments. The simple set up of soaking the beads in water will have the balls ready and full to be poured into your selected container.

Enhance the marble beads by combining with LED lighting. Place the glass vase onto our LED vase bases and see the rays of light shine up into the beads. Add the light source right into the centre with our submersible tea lights that can illuminate through all the crystal gel beads. Match up the colours, compliment with colour changing led light in clear water balls or clash two colours together.

The crystal water beads can add a unique centre piece for your special day. By filling up glass vases at the centre of tables or in outdoor water features, the colourful beads can sit amongst flowers to mix and match colours and provide water through the eventful day.

Although the bio gel beads can simply accessorise events and homes, they can also provide a sustainable water source to plants and flowers, whether they may be substituting the water out of flower vases or to add extra substance in soil for plant pots.

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