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About PK Green White LED Candles & Flameless Tea Lights

White LED Candles

You can never go wrong with a simple white light. From tealights, to led pillar candles to underwater lights, make the white light an addition to your home features and as venue decorations.

White Flameless Tealights

See our sets of white flameless tea lights. From the original tealights, to flameless candles and also votive pillar candles, these battery powered LED lights will fit in right at home, whether they are celebrating a special event or switch on for a general cosy candle light. Being battery operated, the no flame candles are heat and smoke free to provide a safer and friendlier candle flame that has an efficient lasting light. The flicker effect and the wax styled design bring the pros of candles with no risks of naked flames. Liking the idea of tealights for a present? The gift box tealights will pleasantly surprise friends and family, with the set of 6 white led candles presented in a pink box tied with a ribbon.

Candles with Timer

See our selection of candles with timer, that glimmer for 5 hours continuously and automatically turn off, ready for the next day. The white pillar candles with timer can be set to turn on as you arrive home, greeting you in the comforting white glow. The handy timer tool allows you to save battery life during events or a relaxing evening.

Floating Tealights & Underwater Lights

The white led tea lights can also take to water, with the floating led candles. Just place on the surface of water displays, fountains or even in the bath and the water activated light will illuminate. For an underwater light, see the LED submersible lights. The white led candles can be added to underwater features, fish tanks, pond and pools for outdoor and garden parties. The tealights are waterproof with battery operated light that works well underwater and above the surface.

Paper Lanterns with Candles

Furthermore, you can choose the white battery tealights along with the set of paper led lanterns. With a variety of 4 styles, illuminate the translucent paper bags in crystal white light.
Take the lanterns outdoors and line along pathways and garden walls for an illuminate entrance. The heart designed candle bags are an essential for weddings, whether they sit in table centers, as name places or sprinkled around the venues for an elegant white light. The reassurance of battery powered light allows the night to go along calmly with no worry of knocked over naked flame candles.

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