Solar Aerator Oxygen Pump Fish Tank 1.5W Panel Garden Pond


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- Premium solar pond oxygen pump with 1 air stone

- Keep your koi pond fish and plants healthy, especially when it's warm and oxygen levels drop

- Powerful 1.5W, 6V solar panel with ground stake. 2 metres of clear tubing included

- Rapid 2 minute setup. Maintenance-free brushless DC motor with 3m cable. Maximum flow rate: 120L/hour

- Solar powered with 1.5W solar panel

Oxygenating your pond is vital for fish and underwater plants, especially when the weather is warmer and oxygen levels drop. This premium 1.5W solar pond oxygenator will oxygenate your pond thoroughly without any cost, maintenance or hassle.

It is easily set up in under 2 minutes, with no maintenance required afterwards thanks to the brushless DC pump. This means this kit will last for a long, long time to come!

Adequate oxygenation will mean that your pond environment remains stable with clean, clear water. This solar-powered air pump will ensure that oxygen is delivered efficiently through the air stone provided.

Panel Specifications

- Power: 1.5W
- Safety class: IP 44

Pump specifications

- Operating voltage: DC 6V
- Maximum air flow rate: > 1.2 Litres per hour
- Maximum air pressure: > 500 mmHg
- Safety class: IP 44
- Cable length: 3m
- Tube length: 2m

What you get

- 1.5W solar panel with ground stake
- Oxygenation pump with 3m cable
- 2m of clear flexible tubing
- Air stone

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