Submersible Battery LED Lights, 10 Red Waterproof Underwater Candles

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- Set of 10 battery operated submersible LED lights

- Bright red LED. Fully waterproof and submersible finish. Ideal for outdoor and indoor use

- Long lasting battery power. Glow for over 48 hours continuously or 2 weeks if used a few hours every day

- Instant use with pre-installed batteries. Easily replaceable 2 x CR2032 batteries

- Illuminate bathrooms, spas, outdoor events, ponds, pools and as event centrepieces

The LED submersible lights are ideal for a unique light at parties, events or about the house. Simply twist and watch the tealights illuminated in a fiery red LED.

Use the red colour to splash some romance into dinners and home decoration or use the bold colour to make a statement at events.

The waterproof finish protects the internal battery, allowing the LED candle lights to be dropped into water displays. From ponds to outdoor pools and water fountains features, the submersible lights add a pop of decorative coloured light.

Our underwater LED tealights can also sit on surfaces, whether hidden in floral arrangements or dotted about in tealight holders. Add a radiant glow to centrepieces, aquariums, fountains, pools, fish tanks and more.

Place these red led lights in any venue without any worry to attach to mains power. Battery operated, the lights can go wherever you please and without heat, they are perfectly safe to be around children and pets.

- Total height: 2.5cm (including flame)
- Base height: 1.5cm
- Diameter: 3cm
- Battery requirements: 2 x CR2032 batteries in each submersible LED light (included, installed and replaceable)

What you get

- A set of 10 PK Green red underwater LED lights

Note: These submersible lights are available in different colours. Mix and match with our water beads and led vase base collection.

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