12V 7Ah Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery

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- The perfect accessory to your solar panel kit to store and hold power until required

- Large 7Ah capacity gives long battery life. Deep cycle. Economical for larger power applications

- Low maintenance: no memory effect and no electrolyte to fill

- Reliable and well-understood technology. Dimensions: 15 x 9.5 x 6.5cm, Weight: 2kg

- Please note: we offer a 6 month warranty on lead-acid batteries. We do not provide lifetime guarantee on this item.

This high capacity PK Green lead-acid rechargeable battery is the ideal accessory for your solar panel kit. It will store and hold your power until you need it.


- Capacity: 7Ah
- Voltage: 12V
- Dimensions: 15 x 9.5 x 6.5cm
- Weight: 2kg

What you get

1 x PK Green 12V / 7Ah lead acid rechargeable battery

Customer Notice: Because of recent regulations we are unable to ship the lead acid battery outside the UK. Customers will need to buy the lead acid battery locally. Please get in touch with us for the battery specifications.

For more information information, please contact us at sales@pkgreen.com

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