13cm Square Vase Table Centerpiece 16LED Light Base

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- LED light base to illuminate your table centre and glass decorations. Height: 3.5cm, diameter: 13cm

- 16 superbright LEDs to transform your display into a glowing masterpiece - you have to see it to believe it!

- Ideal for special occasions: weddings, parties, festivals, events or even for your own home

- High efficiency LED lights: battery will last 24-48 hours continuously

- Completely safe: no mains power and a heatless LED. Powered by 3 AA batteries (not included, easy to replace)

Let alight any glass vase or bowl with a show stopping LED vase base. Set on a vase full of water beads or create a display with submersible tea lights.

Our LED vase bases will bring a hidden source of vibrant light. With 16 LED lights, the 13cm square base will shine profoundly, illuminating the above display.
A simple flick of the switch will bring the battery light base to life and enhance the glass engravings or the flower vases.

Let the vase base be the star of the party, glowing up to 24-48 hours of continuous light. Whether lined across the head wedding table or dotted through the garden or home to add a dash of LED light.

Battery power allows freedom in placement, away from any mains power or trailing wires. Set in the middle of your table or on your window ledge. Easily replace the batteries in the bottom of the base to keep the shine ongoing.


- Battery requirements: 3 x AA batteries (not included)
- Height: 3.5cm, diameter: 13cm
- Weight: 160g
- Wattage: 1

What you get

1 x 13cm Square 16 LED light base

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