14W Folding Solar Panel Portable Camping Phone Charging Kit

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- 14W camping travel solar panel kit with foldable feature

- Feature folding with 3 panels. Stand up or lay flat for the best sunlight

- Keep hooked onto backpacks for easy carrying while charging. Great for carrying on hikes

- 20cm x 55cm when panel open. High quality protective fabric case

- Includes Micro USB cable for charging many smart devices on the go with USB port

Take this light weight solar panel with you on camping trips, hikes and festivals.

Lightweight and little
The small and light panel can be easily packaged and taken on long journeys. The folding feature allows the panel to be folded when packed away and when opened can transform into a 3 panel 14w solar system.

Power on the move
Need energy while on the move? The eyelets provide a secure attachment of the panel onto backpacks, tents, caravans and any other hook indoors and outdoors. The individual panels allow the 14w solar panel to be stood up and angled towards the sun instant sunlight gain by facing the sun's direction.

No worries with water
Don't stress about the panel when you are outdoors. The small solar panel has a water resistant coating; can withstand light rain and splashback from fountain and rivers. The protective outer material keeps the panels safe and dry in harsh weather conditions.

Compatible connections
Connect your phone, tablet and GoPro camera to the panel for instant charging. Use the 2 USB charging ports to transfer the solar power to a range of electrical items. The handy zip pocket will keep your valuable safe during charging.


- Size when open: 20cm high x 55cm width x 2cm thick
- Size when folded: 20cm high x 16cm width x 4cm thick
- Peak Power (max): 14W
- Maximum Output: 5V/2A
- Charging Port Output: 5V/2A (max)
- Weight: 358g

What you get

- 1x 14W folding panel with USB to Micro USB cable and ports

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