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18cm Artificial Geranium Hanging Pot - Red

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- Premium hanging geranium display in pot

- Attractive lifelike display that never needs watering

- Red artificial flowers

- Adds life to any conservatory, balcony or window box

- Perfect when growing conditions don’t favour the real thing

Remember the joke about the gardener who went to his greenhouse and found a load of depleted Geraniums? Well you won't have that problem with our Geranium display, because it's a top quality artificial display which never needs watering.

We must confess, we were quite shocked by the realism these blooms provide, perfect for placing where the real McCoy might not be happy growing, you know real Geraniums love the sunshine? Maybe you can fool your neighbours by putting them out in February?

Whenever and wherever you display them, you can be assured of a riot of colour any time of year. And remember, there's a choice of traditional red, passionate pink and a pastoral white.


- Height: 10cm
- Width: 18cm
- Diameter: 8cm
- Weight: 350g

What you get

- 1 x 18cm red artificial geranium display hanging pot complete with chains

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