2.5W Polycrystalline Solar Panel for Small Solar Projects

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- 2.5W solar panel with ground spike

- 6V power supply for 2.5w solar fountain

- Replacement panel for 2.5w water fountain

- Dimensions: 21.5 x 13.5 x 2cm

- Watts: 2.5, Volts: 7.68

2.5W solar panel replacement for 2.5w solar fountain pump kits.

Connect to pond pump with female connector on panel. Cable not included.

Use ground spike and rest to position panel in best sunlight. Ideal for small solar projects, fountains, aerators and DC bulbs.


- Type: Solar Module
- Series No: GSP2.5-16
- Max. Power - 2.5W
- Max. Power Voltage: 7.68V
- Max. Power Current: 0.33A
- Open Circuit Voltage: 9.28V
- Short Circuit Current: 0.39A
- Tolerance: -5%/+5%
- Dimensions: 21.5cm height, 13.5cm width, 2cm thickness

What you get

- 1x 2.5w solar panel
- 1x adjustable ground spike

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