2 metre, 1.4mm EL Neon Glow Wire - Icy White

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- Ready to use 2m EL wire kit. Wire thickness: 1.4mm

- Produces colours in a neon glow making it ideal for creating your own signs

- Very durable & flexible, can be bent to any shape to create images or signs

- Display your creativity through your handcraft

- 2 Modes, Constant & Flashing - can easily switch mode by a press of a button

  • Very low power consumption means longer battery life

  • The durable and flexible EL wire in icy white will help create amazing projects with the bright light that radiate a full 360 degrees. The wire is flexible and durable to be bend and shaped for many creative designs including signs, car decoration, stairway lighting and fun crafts and costumes.

    The EL wire is energy efficient and lasts a long time powered on 2x AA Duracell batteries, which also makes the wire decoration cost effective too!

    Use the wire with no worries. With a cool to touch finish, non toxic and a long lasting light, it is suitable to be used for all ages. The icy white light is easy to install and operate, making crafts quick and easy to complete, when compared to neon and other lighting alternatives.

    Use the flexible EL wire for decorative, DIY projects and a clothing light for evening exercise and festivals.

    Please note: Any other colours shown in photos are for illustration purposes only. You will get only the colours which you have purchased.

    -Length: 2m
    - Thickness: 1.4mm
    - Battery box measures: 9cm x 3cm x 2cm
    - Powered by 2 AA batteries (not included)

    What you get

    - 2m EL Wire in Icy White
    - Battery box

    Please note: EL wires are very flexible but should not be subject to repeated stress in the same area, or tied in tight knots.

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