20A 12V Solar Charge Controller Regulator

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- Powerful 20A solar charge controller for vehicles, boats or off-grid solar power systems with batteries

- Suitable for solar panels up to 240W (with 12V batteries) / 480W (with 24V batteries)

- Extensive electronic protection- such as short circuit, over discharge, reverse current, over charging, reverse polarity etc.

- Types of batteries supported- sealed, gel, flooded etc.

- The solar charge controller will protect both the solar panel and the battery during use

This high accuracy 20A 12V/24V solar charge controller from PK Green is designed to protect batteries whilst charging them from solar panels. The controller uses 4-stage Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) which increases charge acceptance and prolongs the life of your battery. PWM technology can also recover some lost battery capacity.

The unit comes with Extensive electronic protection- such as short circuit, over discharge, reverse current, over charging, over heating, reverse polarity etc. Other features of this controller include LED indicators, temperature sensor, battery type switch and load "on/off" button.

The controller can work with different types of batteries such as sealed, gel and flooded batteries adjusting charging parameters for each battery type. It's suitable for solar panels with combined power up to 240W (with 12V batteries) / 480W (with 24V batteries).

Note: although the maximum allowed solar input voltage is 50V, the controller achieves its highest charging efficiency when the maximum power voltage of solar panels is close to battery voltage (e.g. charging 12V batteries by 17V-20V solar panels).


- Fully automated operation and auto 12V/24V
- Wide solar input voltage up to 50V
- 3 pairs of terminals (input, battery, output)
- LEDs for charging status, battery status, load status and over heating protection
- Temperature sensor for automatic compensation (-30mV/C/12V)
- Full electronic protection
- Self-consumption: 6mA max
- Working temperature: -35C to +55C
- Terminals for wire up to 6mm2
- Size: 145 x 76 x 45 mm
- Weight: 240 g
- Dual timer function
- Different load control settings such as- dusk to dawn, light ON + timer, test mode and manual mode
- 4 stage intelligent PWM
- Automatic system voltage detection
- External true ambient temperature sensor
- Highly reliable large terminals

What you get

- 1 x 20A 12V/24V solar charge controller
- Detailed instruction manual is provided.
- This product is covered by 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Please note: Our charge controllers are not waterproof, we would advise that the charge controller, battery and solar system connections need to be protected.

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