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20A Solar Charge Controller 12-24V Panel Battery Regulator


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- 20A solar charge controller

- Regulator for solar panels and 12-24V batteries

- Dual USB connection ports

- Built-in timer system and LCD screen

- Protects from overcharging, battery discharge

The 20Amp solar regulator will provide a high accuracy protection for 12-24V batteries and solar panel systems. It will fully protect from over discharge, reverse currents, over charging, over heating, reverse polarity.

The built-in timer will allow it to regulate your battery when you want and to turn on and off lighting circuits automatically.

It features a large LCD screen to display a range of information and allows the settings to be amended to suit your system.


- Electronic Protection
- Fully Automatic Operation
- PWM Charge Mode (SCO)
- Microcontroller Digitalaccuracy
- Suitable for all 12/24V DC lamps
- Double digital LED display
- Temperature Compensation (with external temperature sensor


- Rated charging current: 20A
- Rated voltage: 12-24V
- Max solar panel input voltage: ≤50V
- USB ports: 2
- USB Output: 5V 2A
- Voltage of stop power supply: 10.5V/21.0V
- Dimensions: 13.5cm width, 7cm height, 3cm thickness

What you get

- 1x 20A solar charge controller

Please note: Our charge controllers are not waterproof, we would advise that the charge controller, battery and solar system connections need to be protected.

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