20cm Hanging Sphere Rechargeable Colour Changing Ball

SKU: NLT-AH20_Hanging

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- 20cm hanging rechargeable sphere lamp. Ideal for home lighting in lounges and bedroom and party, wedding and event venues and restaurants

- Included remote. Choose LED static colour (including white) or colour changing modes

- Rechargeable battery ceiling light. Fully portable, no mains power, no messy cables - perfect for event and party mood lighting

- Mains adaptor included to charge the ball. Long lasting battery for 6-8 hours continuously

- Note: this lamp is not bright enough to light up a whole room, it is best used as accent or mood lighting. Material - PE plastic

Please note: this rechargeable pendant lamp is not bright enough to light up a whole room. It is best used as accent or mood lighting.

20cm hanging led sphere light with colour changing LED. The ball ceiling lamp is attached to a 1.5m cable is safe and stable hanging.

Select through a range of LED colours or choose a colour changing effect with the included remote.

The sphere lamp is powered by a rechargeable battery, Simply plug the globe light into the mains socket to recharge the battery. Charge whilst hanging or set down and charge directly from the base.

Ideal for home, lounge and bedroom lighting in your home and modern ceiling lighting in events, party venues and festivals

*Please note: when you first receive the item please fully charge for 6-8 hours then press the button on the LED base to switch it on. The remote will only work after the button is switched on.



- Diameter: 20cm
- Weight: 0.5kg
- Battery life: up to 6-8 hours on full charge
- Charge time: 6 hours

What you get

- 1x 20cm rechargeable hanging ball lamp colour changing LED, with built-in hanging cable and ceiling fixture
- Remote control
- Mains adaptor

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