2.1M Solar Garden Pump Fountain Kit Water Feature with 20W Panel

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- Premium 20W solar fountain kit with battery backup. Maximum water lift: 3 metres (tube head height)

- Enjoy your fountain in the evening or even when it's cloudy thanks to the backup battery

- Mains adaptor included to run fountain from the mains or charge the battery when there's no sunlight

- 3 minute setup. Clear tubing included to set up water features. Float pad supplied for deep water

- Premium build quality. Maintenance-free brushless DC motor

This 3m solar fountain kit can be used to create impressive fountains, water features and waterfalls easily.

The 20W solar panel charges the battery, which in turn powers the pump. The battery allows you to enjoy your fountain in the evening or even when it's cloudy!

In the box we also include a mains adaptor, so you can power the pump directly from the mains, or charge the battery indoors from the mains when the Sun's not out.

In optimum conditions, the powerful brushless pump can produce a water fountain up to 3 metres in height (tube head height).

Fountain pump

- Rapid 3 minute setup
- Produces 2-3m tube head (water lift) height at 12-24V
- Brushless DC motor - long-life, maintenance-free
- Float pad for installation in deep water
- 3m clear flexible tubing to set up water features
- Dry run protection, flow regulator dial, flow rate: 1560L/hr @ 24V

Control box with backup battery

- Lead acid battery: 12V, 7Ah with 5m cable
- Can be charged by solar panel or mains adaptor (both included)
- LED indicator for charge status
- Timer function: if switched on, pump will work for 15 minutes per hour, saving battery charge

Note: The included mains adaptor can be used to power pump directly or charge the battery when there isn't enough sunlight.

What you get

- Pump with 5m cable to connect to panel, nozzle pack, LED ring and float pad (for deep ponds)
- Clear flexible tubing to set up water features or waterfalls
- 20W solar panel
- Battery control box with 5m cable
- Mains AC/DC adaptor

We're proud of the quality of this solar kit. The panel carries a lifetime guarantee;Pump: 12 month warranty; battery: 6 month warranty.

Customer Notice: Due to recent courier restrictions we are unable to ship the internal lead acid battery outside the UK.

If you would like to have this kit delivered outside UK, we can supply the fountain kit without the internal lead acid battery. Customer will need to buy the lead acid battery locally. Please get in touch with us for the battery specifications.

For more information information, please contact us at sales@pkgreen.com

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