25cm Artificial Geranium Hanging Pot - White

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- Premium artificialgeranium hanging display

- Stunning floral display that never needs watering

- White artificial geraniums

- Ideal for window sills, boxes and balconies

- Perfect when growing conditions don’t favour the real thing

Some people can never get enough of their summer displays of geranimums and when it comes to colour, the geranium is very generous with huge heads of colour. How about a 25cm display that lasts all year and never needs watering? We have the solution.

All you need do is hang and enjoy. A premium quality product you can enjoy year long indoors or out.


- Height: 10cm
- Width: 23cm
- Weight: 550g

What you get

- 1 x 25cm white artificial geranium display in a hanging pot complete with chains

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